Global Risks

for Eurasia in 2019

The rating of Global Risks for Eurasia in 2019 is the first analytical project to assess global risks for the Eurasian macro-region.









This risk rating was released as part of the Astana Club international meeting based on a survey of more than 1,000 respondents from 60 countries and the vision of 30 key international experts. The ISPG team identified 10 key top most probable and impactful risks for Eurasia. The experts who participated in the survey are representatives of commercial and governmental structures, NGOs, research institutes and international organizations.

The risk rating gathered positive reviews

The risk report succinctly summarizes the known challenges that could destabilize global security in the short to medium term. While some readers will find the emphasis surprising, the report represents the most up to date discourses in international security. A common theme is the forces being unleashed by the shift in global power structures, which creates uncertainty with regards to American willingness to police the international order. This may encourage risky behaviour among great powers and regional powers alike. We find ourselves at a time when the old system is losing its grip and the new system has yet to emerge. This makes the efforts for peace and security embodied by the Astana Club all the more laudable.

 from the international community of experts:

Asle Toje

Member of the Norwegian Nobel

Committee (Nobel Peace Prize)


This report succinctly presents and analyses key global risks which have to be managed effectively if the global polity, economy and environment are to follow a positive pathway during 2019. The world faces serious challenges which are eloquently highlighted in this report. One can only hope that key decision makers everywhere have a chance to consider its conclusions and act to address the risks it flags

Johannes F. Linn

Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution Distinguished Resident Scholar of the Emerging Markets Forum

The world in 2019 is facing so many challenges and opportunities: from trade
wars to the revival of the Silk Road. This is a must-read report for those interested in
Eurasia affairs

Marc Uzan

Executive Director and Founder of the

Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee (RBWC)